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SINCE 1939

Introducing xcu

1. Our History

    Xichang University enjoys a superior location at Xichang, a national excellent tourism city in Sichuan Province. The University’s history goes back over 70 years ago under the name of National Xikang Polytechnics University, crowned as “Micro Beiyang” and the first comprehensive Universitywith a wide range of disciplines in the Republic of China, which was founded in 1939 by Beiyang University of Technology transferred from North China to Xichang, and its educational system is 3-5 years. In 2003, Xichang University, an amalgamation of four colleges, was approved by the Ministry of Education as a comprehensive University of BA degree programs. In February 2015, the University was listed in Sichuan as one of the first schools piloting holistic transformation.

2. Campus Facilities

    Known as landscaped campus, the university covers about 270 acres with a building space of 380,000 square meters. The value of fixed assets amounting to 0.728 billion yuan, including teaching and research equipment worth 0.214 billion yuan and the libraries housing 2.03 million copies and 1.2 million E-books. At present, the University has 16 secondary schools and one Department of Political Theory Education, which encompass a wide range of 64 specialties embraced in eight disciplines of natural science, engineering, agriculture, management, literature, education, economics, and art. The recent years have witnessed the enrollment of full-time students from 19 provinces to the total number of 17,100. Xichang University boasts 791 faculty members, containing 116 professors, 245 associate professors and 550 faculties with Master or PhD degrees. Twenty nine of them are the winners of special government allowance rewarded by the State Council or have been honored Provincial Academic Foregoers, Experts with Outstanding Contribution, and Scientific Elitist. Five of them are members of National or Provincial Steering Council for Undergraduate Education and six of them are renowned as National or Provincial Paragon of Teaching and Virtue.

3. Leading Academics

    Xichang University takes a significant step towards teaching and learning innovation from the perspective of highlighting skill training for students by building links between school education and its practice in industry to push forward industry education collaboration. In response, the new personnel training mode of “BA degree + vocational skills” has been established. It has brought to fruition 1 national specialties, 1 national  programs on comprehensive reform of specialty ,1 national off-campus practice base for students, 2 national scheme on training talents in agriculture and forestry, 1 national innovative application demonstration base of digital media industry-education integration in colleges and universities, 2 provincial experimental programs to innovate the undergraduate training mode, 5 provincial programs on comprehensive reform of specialty, 4 provincial outstanding teaching groups, 6 provincial brand specialties, 3 provincial off-campus practice base for students, 4 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, 3 provincial programs for training outstanding engineers, 3 national scheme on training talents in agriculture and forestry, 1 provincial programs to enhance practical teaching, 3 provincial practical demonstration specialty, 16 provincial elite curriculum, 4 provincial resources-sharing elite curriculum, and 1 provincial education demonstration course of innovation and entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, 36 provincial-level and national-level teaching achievement prizes were won and over 156 off-campus bases for collaborative training and education have been set up .

4. Research Exchange

    Xichang University attaches great importance to service work of scientific research and local economic construction. Mainly conducted in natural science research focused on Liangshan natural resources and agricultural resources, and humanities and social science research focused on ethnic cultural resources and management in remote areas. We have 14 scientific research platforms of all kinds, including 9 Higher Education Institution key laboratories and engineering research centers,1 of them has been set up with Sichuan university. 1 provincial key research center base on Philosophy and Social Science, 3 provincial key research bases on Humanities and Social Science. Until now, it has conducted 996 scientific research programs with a total research funding of 0.103 billion yuan. And 437 scientific research achievements were awarded, among which one was entitled with the second national prize for Progress in Science and Technology, 11 with the first provincial prize for Progress in Science and Technology, 10 with the Excellent Achievement provincial prize for Philosophy and Social Science, 12 with Achievement prize for Philosophy and Social Science was awarded by Sichuan Provincial Committee of Education. 61 with Scientific and Technological Progress Local Prize, 310 with the Excellent Achievement Local prize for Philosophy and Social Science. At present our University has seen 5936 academic papers above the provincial level and 197 monographs published by faculty. 21 with new breeds of crops and 117 with national invention patents or utility patents. In the meantime, about 68 scientific and technical achievements have been popularized.

5. Students Training

    Decisive progress has been made in quality-oriented education, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. 122 national training projects for college students have been set up. Xichang University was appraised with National Advanced Unit for Three-Way Social Practice for many times. In recent years, students have run prizes in different professional skill competitions, and have received over 200 national and provincial awards including one grand prize in the National Innovation Competition for Online Business Pattern in 2014 and one first prize in the Second Provincial “A-level Comprehensive Quality” certificates awarded by our students tops the charts among colleges and universities in Sichuan province. In recent four years, all enrolled students have made Xichang University as their top choice of school. Thus, our University was cited as Advanced Unit for Work of Students’ Employment successively from 2005 to 2011.

 6. International Cooperation

    The past years has witnessed a rise in our international cooperation. Xichang University has established cooperative relationships with schools and institutions in America, German, Britain and New Zealand. Overseas students have been enrolled from America, Britain, Russia, Philippines, Poland, Brazil, Korea and Peru. Hence, our University was awarded as Advanced Unit of Educational Foreign Affairs in Sichuan in 2005.

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