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    In respect of scientific researches, we mainly focus on the cultivation and breeding of potatoes, buckwheat, tobaccos, mountain corns, alpine japonica and South Asian tropical fruits and vegetables as well as the cultivation of animals full of local features such as Jianchang black goats, Liangshan semi – fine wool sheep, Wujin pigs(pigs with black hair and skin), Jianchang ducks, Yanying chickens(free-range chickens with beaks similar to eagles’)and so on by making full use of the natural resources in Panzhihua and Xichang area. Besides, we are also concerned about some research projects concerning environmental protection, the research and development of flora resources and new veterinary drugs, the processing of agricultural products full of local features and local dominant poultry products. In addition,we give special priority to researches on the key technologies related to the improvement and innovation of potato germplasm resources,the processing and cooking of potatoes,the storing and shipping of potato products as well as policies about potato staplization and industrialization.

    In terms of social science, we put our emphasis on researches on how to carry forward national culture, strengthen national unity and develop regional economy in ethnic areas and characteristic tourism. Our purpose is to highlight the features of ethnic areas and provide the local government with some strategies and basis for making decisions on how to boost the social development of ethnic areas, adjust economic structure, industrialize agricultural products and increase farmers’ income.

    In recent years, we have won 437 prizes for scientific research achievements, got 117 national patents and found 21 new varieties of crops.

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