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1. Research Center of Yi Culture

2. Research Center of Sichuan National Mountainous-area Economy

3. Center for Strategic Research of Potato Staple

4. Laboratory of Highland and Subtropical Crops

5. The laboratory of Breeding and Cultivation of Special Economic Crops in Panxi Region

6. The laboratory of Technology Innovation for South Asian Tropical Fruit in Sichuan

7. The laboratory of Sichuan Tartary Buckwheat

8. Laboratory for Testing and Prevention of Animal Diseases in Panxi Region

9. Laboratory for Plateau Wetland Ecology and Environmental Protection Application Technology in Sichuan

10. Laboratory of Local Goat in Sichuan

11. Key Laboratory of Potato in Sichuan

12. Engineering Center of Potato in Sichuan

13. Joint laboratory of Potato Functional Genome and Its Application

14. Institute of National Education

15. Institute of National Economy

16. Research Center of National Unity

17. Institute of Animal Science

18. Institute of Yi Culture

19. Institute of Highland and Subtropical Crops

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