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 Support poor areas using technology and training

    Xichang University involves in the poverty alleviation with full participation, actively responding to the call from government of Liangshan Yi Prefecture and the country, centering on industrial crops such as potato, amorphophallus konjac, apple, pomegranate, buckwheat, tea, yak, semi-wool sheep, swine, native chicken, and waterfowl. Scientific and technical personnel from Xichang University provide “one-to-one” and “one-to-many” scientific service to impoverished counties. They have cultivated and promoted a batch of new products, driving technological improvement. This has build up a science and technology net connecting impoverished counties and offered strong support for their industrial development. 

    Xichang University actively takes part in the platform construction of online poverty alleviation and “three tank construction”. 63 experts from Xichang University get listed in the online think tank and help the construction of the 4-level platform of “province-prefecture-county-village”, offering fast, efficient and accurate technical support, sci-tech information service, sci-tech pilot project, sci-tech talent support, online and offline sci-tech training targeting market demand.

Compiling technical books and organizing different training courses to improve the farmers’ abilities.

    Teachers in our department have compiled many agricultural books such as Liangshan Agriculture, The Agricultural Technology and The Practical Technology for the New Socialist Countryside. These books are about the most practical new agricultural technology, which are lucid and cheap so they are really for the farmers and are indeed quite welcomed. Besides, through different activities, such as “The Scientific Week”, “Scientific Poverty Alleviation” and “Scientific Collaboration”, the school has helped the farmers learn more scientific agriculture technology by organizing diverse training courses like “The Training for the Veterinarians in Liangshan”, “The Training for the Public Officials from the Agriculture Department in Butuo”, “The Training for the Veterinarians in Xichang” and “The Standard Tobacco Industry Training for Liangshan Tobacco Company”. More than 10,000 people have been trained in these training courses, which has improved the public officials’ working abilities and helped to cultivate the new farmers in the new socialist countryside.     

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